There would seem from all our email enquiries to be plenty of people who would be happy to pay for racing tips provided the numbers of people who received the tips were restricted. It has been a long standing chorus of enquiry which I have ignored until very recently as there is a lot of work involved in setting up the administration side of a proper tipping service. The argument came to a head recently when She's Swan Lake won in Sydney and bookmakers had bet 16-1 and yet on Unitab paid $10, so TAB punters were paid $6 less for every $1 (for the win) invested. There was an odds on favourite in the race - Seances - whose trainer John Hawkes had said on race day morning radio was "his best chance" around Australia that day. So She's Swan Lake paid significant "unders" on every Australian TAB but everyone nevertheless had a win. This is the ONLY MEDIA OUTLET in Australia ( of radio, newspaper, Sky Channel, ratings mobs or paid tipping services) that "labelled her" - so it's reasonable to assume the "tip" emanated from this website. I am happy for all the people who backed her - but I also take on board the peoples' emails and phone calls regarding giving out tips on successful longer priced horses to an unlimited audience as having a potential detrimental effect on dividends.

So I've tried to come up with a system that is fair to everyone in consideration of the fact that some widely advertised and marketed tipping services charge BETWEEN $2500 AND $18500 PER ANNUM WITH NO GUARANTEES! If you don't believe me - jump on the phone and start ringing them - give them a false name and refuse to give them your address and remain nice and composed and it will blow you away. No wonder they can afford large ads in Form Guides each week. If I can't make people profit over any 12 month period I'd be surprised.

Some tips will continue to come up on the general website, but people who pay a MEMBERSHIP FEE will be given additional horses to follow including the longer priced ones.
  • The period of membership is 12 months from the date you sign up.
  • It will be initially restricted to the first 500 (FIVE HUNDRED MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC to join (hereinafter called "members") - as that is considered the maximum serviceable number of clients at this point.
  • COST OF THE MEMBERSHIP JOINING FEE WILL BE $114.40 (One hundred and fourteen dollars and 40 cents) PER ANNUM PER MEMBER WHICH IS DUE AND PAYABLE PRIOR TO ACCEPTANCE OF THE MEMBER. The figure of $114.40 is arrived at thus:- ($2 per week + 20 cents GST x 52 weeks p.a. = $114.40). This small outlay should be affordable to all Australians and from a commercial view point will be used primarily to defray ongoing costs associated with maintaining the site.
  • The first annual renewal is guaranteed to contain no price increase and hence will remain at $114.40.
  • There will be BETWEEN 0 AND 2 TIPS PER WEEK - these will not be short priced favourites.
  • All tips will only relate to betting on official FAST, GOOD OR DEAD TRACKS only - no horse will be recommended to be backed on slow or heavy tracks - unless specifically advised.
  • All tips will be emailed to members by no later than 9:30AM ON RACE DAYS and will relate in the vast majority of cases to SATURDAY MEETINGS.
  • Please respect that if you choose to join, YOU have paid out YOUR money for the tips and it's therefore YOUR information - not your mates or the bloke over the road etc.
  • As in any gambling venture, the client CANNOT be guaranteed to make a profit at the end of a given time frame - but for $2.20 per week (which is less than the cost of a can of Coke at most hotel bars) it will hardly send anyone broke and we'll have a bit of fun along the way.

Various payment options are available for membership including:-
  1. Internet banking OR
  2. Post a Personal Cheque OR Bank Cheque OR Money Order.

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